Dear Valued Customers,

During the warmer month’s incorrect storage and distribution of shell eggs can increase risks to food safety and the general quality of eggs. Food safety breaches can have a detrimental impact to any organisation, consumer and the wider community.

In the interests of food safety, we ask that our eggs be stored and handled in the below conditions.

  1. To ensure eggs are stored in a fridge or cool-room below 20°C.
  2. Do not store in direct sunlight, even for short periods of time.
  3. Do not store near equipment that generates heat.
  4. Do not store near strong odours.
  5. Do not store in conditions which is subjected to the elements.

For more information refer to the below:

Ensuring eggs are at a consistent temperature it maintains consistency in quality and lessens any bacteria comprises eggs.

Thank you for supporting Tamarix Poultry Farm.