Tamarix Poultry Farm is serious about quality and supplying the freshest eggs direct to our clients. Our hens lay eggs one day and our team deliver the next, minimising external intermittent storage.

To ensure our products maintain optimum freshness and ask our clients to take the following considerations.

  1. Ideal storage temperature for eggs is below 16c and during summer it is recommended to store eggs in the fridge.
  2. Eggs have 7000-1700 pores on the shell, when subjected to warmer temperatures the pores allow surface contaminates and odour to compromises internal egg quality.
  3. Fluctuating storage temperatures can have a detrimental impact on the eggs albumen, this will reduce poachability and increase food wastage.
  4. Every hour eggs are stored above 30c the egg losses 1 day shelf life.
  5. Eggs being stored in the fridge will have increased shelf-life and consistency.

Thank you for choosing Tamarix Poultry Farm as your egg supplier.

Kind regards

Tamarix Team